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The Australian Medicinal Cannabis Association (AMCA) was founded in 2020 to improve patient access to medicinal cannabis and to support the breadth of the Australian medicinal cannabis sector.

What we do

      Support the Australian medicinal cannabis industry

      Drive education, awareness and advocacy in this field

      Facilitate patient access to quality, safe and affordable medicinal cannabis

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    “Our Strength is in our Breadth”

    Why we do it, real people, real stories

    DISCLAIMER: AMCA understands that medicinal cannabis may not be suitable for everyone. The following video stories are only intended to provide examples of cases where medicinal cannabis has shown benefit for specific individuals. You should speak with your doctor (or other health professional) to determine whether medicinal cannabis could be a suitable treatment for you. All medicines, including medicinal cannabis, have risks (e.g. potential interactions with other medicines) as well as benefits that need to be weighed up to establish if the treatment is right for you.



    From 500 seizures a day to this…!

    Discover Jai’s transformation and the positive impact to both Jai and Michelle.  

    A snippet from, A Life of Its Own a feature documentary directed and produced by AMCA Ambassador Helen Kapalos



    A happy discovery that’s done her “the world of good”

    A snippet from, A Life of Its Own a feature documentary directed and produced by AMCA Ambassador Helen Kapalos



    “Speak Up. Don’t Wait. Just do it!”

    A snippet from, A Life of Its Own a feature documentary directed and produced by AMCA Ambassador Helen Kapalos


    Vignette of a classic documentary made by our Ambassador, Helen Kapalos – available to rent or buy from Vimeo.

    DVA simplifies process for DVA funding of medicinal cannabis

    DVA has updated its Medicinal Cannabis Framework which will streamline access to funded medicinal cannabis for eligible DVA clients.

    Under the updated Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) Medicinal Cannabis Framework (the Framework), general practitioners (GPs) can now seek approval of funding for medicinal cannabis without the need for a non-GP specialist’s assessment in many circumstances. Applications may be made over the phone by calling the Veterans’ Affairs Pharmaceutical Advisory Centre on 1800 552 580

    Changes to the Framework include a new tier-based approvals approach, which considers the active ingredients, dose parameters and regulatory factors in decision making. Each application will continue to be considered on a case by case basis.

    The prescribing practitioner is still required to report why medicinal cannabis is clinically indicated, and confirm that the potential for an adverse event or contraindication for the person has been assessed.

    DVA has a duty of care to veterans and their families to fund treatments that are proven to be effective, safe and comply with legislation. The updated Medicinal Cannabis Framework provides greater flexibility to enable DVA to adapt and fund more health conditions in the future, as clinical evidence emerges.

    Royal Commission into Defence and Suicide

    July 2022

    AMCA will be lodging a submission to this important inquiry. 

    Many thanks to Teresa Nicoletti for leading the work on ensuring that our submission will contain all of the elements vital to ensure that the outcome of this inquiry will make crucial changes to the way our veterans, and their families, are supported during and after their service to Australia. 

    We shall keep you fully informed of progress.

    Australian Alliance for Medicinal Cannabis launched

    July 2022

    AMCA will be hosting an all day Strategic Planning meeting on Wednesday 27th July. 

    The meeting will address some of the key challenges still facing this sector and will bring together more than 30 thought leaders from the medicinal cannabis field to generate potential solutions to take to the new federal government. 

    We shall keep you fully informed of progress.